Maintenance and ANDON


Maintenance is a set of solutions for supervision and coordination of maintenance services.

Better, systemic cooperation between the production and maintenance departments has a significant impact on production efficiency.

AOS: Maintenance is a systemic approach to coordinating maintenance activities and production.


The solution for handling and managing notifications, which is by far the most popular system solution. AOS: ANDON has a direct impact on shortening the following times: MTTRt – mean time to react, MTTR – mean time to repair, and MTBF – mean time between fails.
Transparent cooperation between production and maintenance is the basis for an efficient production plant.


ANDON notifications are used for handling:

  • Problems with machine operation or assembly operations,
  • Breakdowns
  • Changeovers
  • Supply of raw materials

Key assumptions

  • One system that combines production with maintenance – transparency
  • Mobile solutions for maintenance services
  • Smartphone application for the maintenance staff
  • Use of NFC tags to log in and confirm presence
  • Interaction between ANDON requester and the person called up.
    • After ANDON has been selected, the requester knows who received the request and when they will execute it
    • Determining the estimated time for rectification of the failure
  • Visualization and reporting of ANDON orders, statistics and BI
  • In larger companies, we recommend a system that automatically selects the best person to handle current failures from among the available technicians, based on a developed algorithm for allocating maintenance personnel.
  • Dedicated ANDON escalation pathway
  • Methods of sending ANDON notifications:
    • Telephones of application technicians or SMS
    • Large format monitors with dedicated ANDON call visualization in maintenance rooms
    • Large format monitors with Production Performance visualization in production halls
    • Management application
  • Integration with the Real-Time Production Scheduling solution.

PM – Preventive Maintenance

PM is a systemic approach to planning and executing technical inspection orders.

Utilizing the potential of maintenance services, control over the execution of maintenance orders, optimization of PM orders with a production plan including the handling of ANDON requests.

Key assumptions

  • Maintenance job planning – manual or automatic planning based on the time lapse or actual use of the machine, e.g. number of cycles, operating time, machine load in time
  • Integration with Real-Time Production Scheduling – joint production planning and maintenance tasks.
  • Mobile solutions for maintenance services
    • Smartphone application for the maintenance staff
    • Use of NFC tags to log in and confirm presence
    • Order handling registration, electronic forms, photos and installation videos
    • Access to electronic documentation
  • Current reporting of survey results – progress in order execution
  • Automated settlement of maintenance activities, transparency

Spare Parts

Development of the PM system with a spare parts catalog.

Key assumptions

  • Allocation of the use of spare parts for conducted repairs and maintenance work
  • Access to spare parts documentation directly at the workplace
  • Settlement of the spare parts warehouse, maintenance of inventory
  • BI of spare parts – lifetime analysis of spare parts from different suppliers


Tooling is a set of solutions for managing the instrumentation of machines and production lines.
Registration of the use and wear of instruments, inspections, replacement, rental.
Examples of applications: molds for injection molding machines, CNC tooling, casting molds, line format parts.

Key assumptions

  • Instrument marking – bar codes or rfid, nfc codes
  • Registration of the instrument’s use – installation, removal, storage – history, time, operators.
  • Instrument wear and tear count – number of machine cycles, operating time, load, process parameters
  • Tooling warehouse
  • Qualification of instruments for inspection, sharpening, maintenance, replacement
  • Including instrument availability in the Real Time Scheduling production plan.

AM – Autonomous Maintenance

Autonomous Maintenance is a development of the operator’s application for maintenance of machines.
Facilitating the work, ensuring appropriate procedures, recording the performance of work.

Key assumptions

  • Access to AM plans from an operator terminal
  • AM Instructions including a description, checkpoint list, photos and instructional videos
  • Notification of the necessity to execute AM – based on the time lapse or the fulfillment of a technological condition, e.g. cycle counter, machine load, type of changeover.

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Implementation elements


System concept development – identification of optimization areas, including:
· audit,
· analysis,
· brainstorming,
· project


Delivery and assembly of equipment, including:
· Operator terminals, large-scale displays
· Machine communication modules


Implementation of a dedicated Production Performance system developed in the ANT: AOS system platform


Coverage of the system with 24/7 technical support with a monthly lump sum of working hours for a programmer / automotive engineer to introduce current changes.


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