Energy Consumption Management

Energy Consumption Management

Very often ANT systems for energy consumption supervisory were being implemented first and became the entry points for further development of production solutions or were implemented as supplementary modules for them. In any case, ANT systems always combine energy consumption measurements with production data.

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In distinction from typical energy monitoring systems, ANT  show either raw energy consumption parameters, which are useful for electricians, or energy consumption KPI’s which show how much energy is used per unit of product, per area or per production line. More valuable correlated data (KPI) Energy Consumption vs Production:

E – kWh of electricity, Nm3 of compressed air, m3 of water, kWh of heat

  • E / unit of product
  • E / time of breakdown/stop/microstop type
  • E / time of changeover
  • E / time of switch off (compressed air leakage indicator)
  • E / index
  • E / production order (energy allocation per order)
  • Other
  • KPIs are comparable and can be benchmarked between periods and machines

This way ANT systems realize in practice ISO50001 standard. We are proud that our energy systems helped our Clients to win medals of WCM (World Class Manufacturing).

  • Energy consumption for production aids and non-production aids
  • Energy consumption per area, per process, per department
  • Energy consumption per production units.

The base for the systems is online measurements acquisition directly from meters. Using native protocols ANT system collects data from: electrical energy meters, gas meters or correctors, heat or steam meters, compressed air meters, water counters.

Direct connection to meters by using: MBUS, Modbus, IEC62056 or device’s dedicated Protocols, provides real and reliable data and additional flow parameters.


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