Energy consumption management

Energy consumption management

Especially recommended solution for plants where the energy cost per unit of product is significant or where the power consumed by the plant exceeds 1 MW.

The objective of implementing AOS: Energy Consumption Management solutions is the implementation of monitoring of electricity, gas, water, heat, cold, compressed air, steam, industrial gases and sewage consumption with its allocation per unit of production, stages of production, lines and, in justified cases, individual machines.


Developing energy efficiency indicators that can be comparable in the long term, which indicate consumption of individual media in areas, technological operations per production volume, a particular production batch or a single product.

The plants that implemented our solution passed the ISO: 50001 audit and obtained additional distinctions, among others Golden WCM (World Class Manufacturing) medal.

Key assumptions

  • Distributed data acquisition and measurement system, based on direct reading of data from measuring devices,
  • Parallel metering of the technological process and operation of machines for automatic determination of the operating status and performance, including machine status and operating mode, counter of production cycles, product selection, etc.
  • Determination of production-specific energy consumption indicators converted to the following:
    • product or production volume,
    • operating state of the machine – how much the machine wears out during shutdown, downtime, failure, operation
    • production area or manufacturing process,
    • type of raw material processed, etc.
  • Separation of energy consumption for production and non-production purposes, determination of the fixed part of consumption and the part proportional to the production volume
  • Application of ISO 50001
  • Power protector – monitoring of power consumption at terminals in terms of ordered power. Determination of the optimum ordered power based on recorded measurements.
  • Future energy consumption projections
  • Determination of the reference period and correlation of energy consumption with that period.
  • Correlation of heat energy consumption with weather conditions
  • Optimal control of heating and lighting in industrial halls with cooling for the period of production shutdown.


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Implementation elements


System concept development – identification of optimization areas, including:
· audit,
· analysis,
· brainstorming,
· project


Delivery and assembly of equipment, including:
· Operator terminals, large-scale displays
· Machine communication modules


Implementation of a dedicated Production Performance system developed in the ANT: AOS system platform


Coverage of the system with 24/7 technical support with a monthly lump sum of working hours for a programmer / automotive engineer to introduce current changes.


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