ANT Smart Production

ANT Smart Production is an effect of a professional connection of IT and industrial automation solutions. A unique system which is able to raise the production plant to a higher level of functioning – a superefficient, perfectly organized factory.

Dedicated IT systems ANT Smart Production efficiently support conducting of production process. They stand out from others with their functionality and resulting from it business benefits. Every day they are being used to oversee the production efficiency in global concerns’ facilities, maximizing their scores within the country, region and whole corporation, and by that – increasing profits.

Thanks to usage of ANT Smart Production your company can substantially:

  • Increase its productivity;
  • Improve its effectiveness;
  • Minimize loss;
  • Decrease costs.

It’s worth knowing that:

  • By supporting processes of constant improvement, ANT Smart Production systems carry out in practice activities of: Lean, Six Sigma, TQM, TPM, WCM, IWS;
  • Implementations of ANT Smart Production base on connection of experience of production managers and ANT engineers, gained in over 300 facilities of different trades.

ANT Smart Production – how it works

The work of ANT Smart Production systems is based on connecting together the data gathered automatically and directly from the following sources:

  • Production process;
  • Machines, automation of production lines;
  • Operators;
  • Superior system – ERP;
  • MS Office network (database, Excel sheets, other applications).

Gathered in real time data joined in one software – ANT Smart Production – create an active system which oversees the production process, assesses its progress and shows delays, losses, irregularities and their causes. The system “knows” what should be happening on the production at the given time basing on the plans and production schedules imported most often from the ERP. It also has data about what is actually happening presently, gathered from the machines and from operators. Thanks to the transparency of the system, the assessment allows the personnel to make immediate corrections. Impact on production closes the feedback loop.

Such solution leads to an automatic improvement of people’s actions and the machines they operate on.

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