ANT Smart Logistics

ANT Smart Logistics is a solution that joins functionality of ERP systems with production and warehouse management. Implementation of ANT Smart Logistics is realized on the basis of already functioning ANT Smart Production system.

As a result the client receives a system expanded by additional solutions optimizing:

  • Production planning;
  • Managing production progress and coordination of product collection;
  • Filling up production buffers;
  • Organization of deliveries;
  • Managing warehouse;
  • Warehousing trucks drivers’ work.

A common platform for logistics, production and quality allows:

  • Accessing up-to-date information on production plan and its progress. This enables the Logistics personnel to assess the completion time for any particular order (based on data retrieved directly from machines and processes);
  • Timely supervision of production buffers;
  • Products and materials localization in the warehouse;
  • Automatic reporting of raw material supplies.

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