ANT Smart Energy

ANT Smart Energy and ANT Smart Production form a complete system that allows:

  • Monitoring of energy consumption,
  • Supervision over machines’ and production lines’ work,
  • Analysis indicators which are a basis to assessment of energy effectiveness.

ANT Smart Energy solution may be implemented separately from ANT Smart Production systems. In that case it is used in order to monitor energetic media consumption: electricity, gas, compressed air, water, heat, cold, coolant, as well as to monitor the facility installation and industrial infrastructure effectiveness.

Implementation of ANT Smart Energy systems are done in accordance with ISO 50001 norms. Each time the system is adjusted to the level of energy consumption of the given facility and its available technical options to measure the media usage. Moreover, ANT Smart Energy is always designed in a way that the client is able to develop it on his own and maintain its work on the highest level of efficiency.

ANT Smart Energy allows functionalities like:

  • Monitoring of main power sources, counters;
  • Division of media consumption on energy used by the production: variable part, dependent on the production and fixed part (office and administrative needs, infrastructure maintenance, etc.);
  • Division of media consumption between particular production stages (departments);
  • Division of media consumption between particular processes (operations);
  • Division of media consumption between particular machines.

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