Macierz Magic Quadrant firmy Gartner - charakterystyka wymiarów systemów MES

Gartner's Magic Quadrant matrix – dimensions characteristics for MES systems

The American corporation Gartner conducts a series of market studies, the results of which are presented in the final version in a report called Gartner Magic Quadrant. The report focuses on companies that introduce solutions worth implementing, depending on the scope or vision of your company. One of the latest reports was dedicated to companies […]

13 korzyści biznesowych wynikających z wdrożenia systemu MES


MES is now undoubtedly the basis of digitalization and the foundation of modern manufacturing activity. In the environment that can be described as Industry 4.0, it is a key factor in determining a possible business success. The reality of Industry 4.0, which – like never before – is analysed and evaluated through the prism of […]

Jak uzyskać automatyczne raporty z produkcji?

jak automatycznie otrzymywać raporty z produkcji

Digitalization means that reporting in its traditional form, as we have known it for years – in paper form, symbolically passed from hand to hand – is a thing of the past. Today, production, quality or maintenance reports can – and should – be filled out automatically and then distributed in the same way within […]

Jak mierzyć czasy konserwacji? (reakcja, naprawa)


Full availability of the machinery park, control over downtime and maintenance lead times in the event of technical problems – these elements are among the key factors in optimizing production. Of particular importance is the correct work of the maintenance department. As you know, this data is fully measurable and subject to analytics. Full machine […]

Jak monitorować i kontrolować zautomatyzowaną linię produkcyjną?


With the advent of Industry 4.0, broadly defined automation of production lines has become a standard, without which it is difficult to imagine a modern manufacturing plant. However, in order to fully exploit the production line’s potential, a system such as Smart Machine is required, which ensures easy and fast monitoring and control of the […]

Jak zoptymalizować plan produkcji?

Jak zoptymalizować plan produkcji-bg

Nowadays, production planning requires particular precision, operating in real time and updating objectives in relation to the current state of the machines. Only on this basis can one ensure continuous and timely execution of tasks. How to optimize a production plan using Real-time Scheduling system? Today, the effectiveness of all production operations can be automatically […]

Dlaczego wskaźnik OEE spada po wdrożeniu systemu MES?

Dlaczego wskaźnik OEE spada po wdrożeniu systemu MES

After the implementation of MES, we usually notice a strange effect. In most cases, after the system go-live, the OEE coefficient is lower than before the installation. Typically, change leads to making things worst at first. Unfortunately, this decrease is not only caused by the work methods change but also by other reasons…   Do […]

MES w kosmetyce pomaga zmniejszyć ilość odpadów

MES w kosmetyce pomagają zmniejszyć ilość odpadów Dr Irena Eris

  Production optimization and related analytics is important for all businesses, regardless of industry. However, there are companies with special characteristics. This group includes, among others, the pharma cosmetics sector characterized by various forms of cosmetics and a large amount of raw materials used in production. In order to avoid overproduction of waste, highly advanced […]

12 powodów, dla których wskaźnik OEE jest niski


The OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) is the result of three factors, these being availability, performance, and quality. It’s no secret that improving just one of the factors immediately increases the value of the OEE and therefore brings about benefits for the business in its entirety. In the manufacturing sector finding achieving optimum results across all […]

Dlaczego projekty MES i IT często przekraczają budżet?

Dlaczego projekty MES i IT są poza budżetem

Making the decision to implement a manufacturing execution system is just the tip of the iceberg. The next stage is to refine the details of the project and to select the vendor. The further development and financial success of a production plant depends on implementation of appropriate software. Why are MES and IT investments often […]