Start your digitization
journey with automated
OEE monitoring

Based on the signals from the machine, data is automatically collected by OEE calculating software. Start keeping an eye on production, its development, and efficiency, and base your judgments on actual data.

Increase Your OEE In Six Months



✔️ shorter downtimes
✔️ faster production launch
✔️ pareto defects analysis


Faster and reliable
data-driven decisions

✔️ signals taken from machines
✔️ showing real production progress
✔️ automated notifications


Elimination of double and manual reporting

✔️ automated production reports
✔️ any ERP integration
✔️ machine states from PLCs

Best Industrial Tools In One System

oee monitoring system screen

A modular system that grows when you're ready

ANT OEE Performance Monitoring is the only solution to start your digitalization journey. A modular platform allows for a flexible approach. Start small scale fast! 

See OEE Performance Monitoring System (OEE) In Action

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Why to get a demo?

  • 60-minute online meeting with a dedicated specialist presenting a top system from an industry similar to yours
  • Live modeling of your production process
  • budget quotation after the meeting


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