Transforming the FMCG manufacturing landscape, our state-of-the-art MES system targets the silent but costly disruptions in your production line – the "microstops". While the cumulative time lost to breakdowns might seem significant, it often pales in comparison to the accumulated time of micro stops.

Minimise Micro Stops in Manufacturing

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Reduction in Micro Stops

Achieve up to 15% reduction, streamlining processes and maximizing output.

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Enhanced MTBF​

Witness a whopping 50% increase in Mean Time Between Failures, ensuring machines work longer and harder.

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Shorter Changeovers

Reduce set-up and transition times by an impressive 20%.



Opt for a greener, efficient, and less cluttered workspace with our paper reduction features.

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Key Functions

Harness the power of technology and data-driven insights to supercharge your production process. Our MES system is packed with features specifically tailored for FMCG manufacturing, each aiming to iron out inefficiencies, boost productivity, and reduce unnecessary downtimes.



Seamless machine integration ensures real-time data capture and analysis.


Operator Panel with Micro Stops Monitoring

Empower operators with an intuitive interface, making downtime monitoring a breeze.


Micro Stops and
OEE Monitoring

Delve deep into Overall Equipment Effectiveness, focusing particularly on micro stops.



From component scanning to batch records, ensure absolute transparency and validity in every step.


Changeovers, SMEJ, Clean Inspect Lubricate

Enhanced transition procedures ensure machine readiness at all times.


Paperless Environment

Step into the future with reduced paperwork, ensuring efficiency and environmental responsibility.

Perfect for All FMCG Categories

Be it sugar, cookies, flour, yoghurts, pasta – our MES system is tailored to cater to the diverse needs of the FMCG sector. Amplify efficiency, reduce waste, and elevate productivity across the board.

Invest in the future of FMCG manufacturing. Equip your enterprise with a system that truly understands and addresses the intricacies of micro stops. Reach out today and set the gears of progress in motion.

What clients say about us?


Reliable reporting, Insights into aggregated results, tactical use for shiftly/weekly prioritization per Loss Category. 100% flexibility in accounting for user’s KPI standards, good understanding of Lean Manufacturing KPIs

Tonci M., Global Manufacturing Systems Manager at BAT 

Likelihood to Recommend 80%

Thanks to MES system we are able to tracking a present production situation information about failures and potential risks – all information might to be recalculated into KPI Table supporting a Management proces.

Verified Reviewer from Capterra., Digilal Project Leader at Food & Beverages

Likelihood to Recommend 70%

System Presentation

Contact with our Expert

industrial software expert

Łukasz Iskra

Industrial Software Expert


Why to get a demo?

  • 60-minute online meeting with a dedicated specialist presenting a top system from an industry similar to yours
  • Live modeling of your production process
  • budget quotation after the meeting


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