Manutenzione ANDON

Maintenance ANDON is a module which consists of two submodules: Operator Panel and Analytics. It supports communication between production and maintenance department by enabling operators friendly reporting functions, incorporating real-time notifications and alarms and creating detailed maintenance reports with MTTR, MTBF and MTTF indicators. 

How to increase availability of machines?

The ANDON module provides employees with a tool which can change the way a maintenance team usually does its job. The instant feedback provided by the operators thanks to touchable screens gives the maintenance department the necessary data to deal with current or even upcoming machine failures. The system supports the maintenance process by: 

  • supporting maintenance call from operator panel to maintenance with inserting data: failure reason and comment
  • letting user with privileges to accept the failure that indicates starting work on the machine
  • letting user with privileges to resolve failure with inserting comment, after which the machine  be able to start production
  • registering times for maintenance: operator registration date and time, technician acceptance date and time and maintenance resolution date and time
  • calculating reaction time and resolution time
  • letting users with privileges to change failure’s reason
  • letting users with privileges to reject the breakdown that ends a failure
  • displaying maintenance history with comments and failures’ reasons provided by operator
  • visualizzazione maintenance history for similar failure: display last failure history for failed equipment, failed equipment type and stoppages reason
  • letting user to call fault that doesn’t stop the production process but notifies maintenance about machine’s odd working

How to precisely calculate TPM KPI's - MTTR, MTTF, MTBF ?

The answer is better reporting thanks to ANDON module. With well-implemented connettività della macchina, which includes various sensors and PLC integration, we should be able to cover, depending on the case, between 70-90% of machine failures.  The rest is done manually by the operator with the operator panel. The system presents maintenance reports: 

  • Failure duration and quantity of failures with pareto chart
  • Maintenance KPIs: Mean time to repair (MTTR), Mean time between failures (MTBF), Mean time to failures (MTTF)
  • Mean reaction time of maintenance department for failures
  • Mean repair time for resolved failures
  • Maintenance history with comments and failures reasons
  • Maintenance history for similar failures: display last failure history for failed equipment, failed equipment type and stoppages reasons
  • Current failures and faults list

Main features


Faster maintenance attendancy to failures thanks to notifications


Maintenance history and knowledge held in one system

Faster maintenance repair time thanks to suggested history failures and documentation

Vantaggi principali


Failures reporting with its reason and comment​


Maintenance failure acceptance and its ending​


Monitoraggio dei tempi di reazione e di riparazione e dei relativi KPI (MTTR, MTBF, MTTF).

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