Cruscotti e rapporti

Dashboards & Reports module is a complex analytic platform with ready-to-use reports. More than dozen reports to analyze production, quality, trends and targets and get various production insights. Reports can be viewed from the perspective of plant, machine and in different time ranges.

Come analizzare il processo di produzione?

The daily rush makes it difficult for us to stop, create reports and production comparisons. ANT dashboards and reports allow you to easily see your factory from different perspectives and quickly understand trends and issues. Check performance, availability and quality against specific production orders, plants divisions or machines.

Dashboard allows user to generate a report for the selected range (lines, machines, products) and time interval (date range selection, last change, last day, last week, etc.)

The system presents actual production in real-time and displays data: machine, production order, item, good/bad quantity counters, percent production progress, machine states with duration time, production status with start and estimated end datetime.

How to check why you missed the production deadline?

The OEE waterfall is a powerful tool that will quickly give you the answer to the main reasons why your production plan is not being met. Check OEE drops defined according to your glossary and do a dig-down analysis to find root causes.

Rapporto QC

Caratteristiche principali


Various reports for production, machines, quality​


Dashboard for ongoing production​


Different angle for data analytics

Vantaggi principali


Automatic and fast reports generation​


Quick access to aggregated and detailed data​


Data export to Excel for custom reports creation

What can you monitor

The system presents production reports:
• Shift, day, week, month summary: good and defected production, OEE
• Machine’s performance: good and defected production
• Realization of production target
• Number and duration of failures, breakdowns, microstops
• Calculated item’s real cycle time for operations
• Graphical presentation of realized production orders on machines
• Comparison machines for work time, stop time, OEE
• Production orders and operations report: statuses (planned orders, started orders, finished orders, delayed orders) and progress

The system presents machines data reports:
• Machines states time: work, microstops, failures, breakdowns
• % share of machine states
• % share of machine stop reason

The system presents quality reports:
• Defects Pareto for items and defect types
• Quantity of defects, scrap, and reworks for a selected time range
• Most defective machines and items

Also, the system presents trends charts with OEE, availability, performance, quality, production quantity, machine main state, number and time for changeovers and failures, MTBF/MTTF/MTTR

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