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Automotive industry is the most advanced one when it comes to implementation of systems for supporting production processes. ANT systems for this industry are quite often technologically most advanced solutions which enter into the automated production process very deeply, monitoring and registering as well as manually programming parameters for each next production model.

High standards of production and jacked up requirements of car concerns cause that ANT systems play a key role in the production and an impeccable work of the system is critical for the facility. We are happy to receive very positive industry reverences and continuously work on next advanced implementations.

Other than an increase in the production efficiency, our systems contributed to receiving WCM medals (World Class Manufacturing) by our clients.

ANT systems have also been introduced in the aviation production facilities and have passed all the required certificates.

What our customers say

ANT has made huge progress all around the world. I’ve not heard any negative feedback from anyone about your services, so that’s a good achievement in itself.”

Your engineers did a great job, thank you so very much. They did good demonstration / presentation to some of our analytics / managers and feedback about the system was very positive. I do believe after installation completed our factory will get all benefits desired / promised.”

I have been with some senior members in the business yesterday and I must share that they are highly impressed with the operator visibility and solution as a whole. Well done guys!!!”

Just wanted to say thank you for the great work that you did during the installation.  I wish more contractor would raise to this level of professionalism.”

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