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ANT Pharma Suite is the GMP and FDA compliant package, dedicated to pharmaceutical production.

It is a set of MES, APM, RTS, CMMS functions creating the Performance-Enhancing Tool, to:

•Real-Time Monitoring •Visualize the OEE •Production Demand Scheduling •Adherence to Schedule Tracking •Focus on Downtimes •Focus on Changeovers •Sustain OPEX Performance Gains •Improve the Performance Dialogue •Data-based decision making.

Example of 1-year ROI:

An annual time saving of 4,000 hours on paperworks, obtained at the average tablet packing site, for the performance sheets and end cards only.


Area of applications:

Manufacturing of solids, liquids, injectables, in processes of:

• blistering • bottles filling
• capsules making • coating
• dispensing • granulation
• labeling • mixing
• packaging • serialization

Machines Communication:

•UHLMANN B-1440 •IMA •IMA C80 •IMA C90 •IMA GIANT •UHLMANN C-2305 •NOACK 900 •IMA A94 •MARCHESINI MA255 •MARCHESINI MA155 •MISTRAL BA50 •FETTE 2090 •FETTE 1090 •GEA Courtoy •SIEMENS Optima •Unilogo •Logopack & more.

15% run at full speed time increase
24% microstops time reduction
35% batch release time reduction
25% set up time reduction


10 bln tablets produced and packed yearly

4 blnampoules and eye drops filled yearly

1,3 bln tubes of creams and toothpaste filled every year

90 packing lines with ANT System

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ANT FMCG Suite is a solution dedicated to the beverage, food, brewing, spirits, tobacco, cosmetics, household chemicals, hygiene, and similar industries.

The large amount and often low margin, as well as the growing number of SKUs mean that our customers are looking for savings.

Most often, savings are obtained by reducing the amount of raw material waste, minimizing rejects of defective products, reducing the number of line workers, eliminating paperwork and ensuring repeatability of operations.

Example of 1-year ROI:

The bottling line with a capacity of 60,000 bottles per hour, just after the implementation of the ANT system was able to pour 100 hl of beer per shift more.


Area of applications:

Production & packing – the entire production process, including:

• baking • blending
• bottle blowing • bottling: brik, can, glass, jar, pet, pouch
• bundling • CIP
• cooling • depalletizing
• dough making • enrichment
• filling • filter-makers
• filtering • filters and OTP in tobacco
• forming • inspection
• labeling • makers
• monoblock • packaging
• palletizing • pasteurization
• rolling • stamping
• washing • weighing


Machines Communication:


20% operating time increase
15% efects quantity reduction
5% material consumption reduction
35% changeovers time reduction


2 bln cigarettes produced daily

100 mln bottles of spring water shipped monthly

360 mln bottles of spring water poured monthly

600 mln cookies baked monthly

500 cigarettes production lines with ANT System

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ANT Automotive Suite is a solution dedicated for plants producing parts for the automotive and aviation industries.

Such plants are characterized by a variety of processes. It can be discrete production, automated assembly lines, manual stations or their combination.

In this case, the system must be flexible and should support production standards such as: WCM, TPM, TQM, IATF, SIX SIGMA and Lean Manufacturing: Kaizen, Kanban, SMED, 5S, Poka Yoke, OEE, JIT, VSM.

Example of 1-year ROI:

Reducing to zero of the changeover time by sending recipes in-flight increased the production capacity of the plant by 10%.


ANT Smart Factory covers the full manufacturing process both on manual and automatized processes.

• annealing • automatic assembly
• bending • CNC machining
• components mounting • cutting
• dosing • drawing
• extrusion • flow forming
• gluing • grinding
• heating • hydrostatic helium test
• injection • KTL
• labeling • lasering
• manual assembly • marking
• molding • packaging
• palletizing • preheating
• printing • programming electronics
• quality testing rework • refurbishment
• repairs • shearing
• spinning • stamping
• stranding • thermoforming
• trimming • welding
• winding

Machine Communication:

Standard PLCs:


Logix Family: •ControlLogix •CompactLogix •MicroLogix •FlexLogix and SoftLogix •Micro 800 Series •PLC5 and SLC
Fanuc Focas CNCs


•OPEN •PAC •90-30 •90-70 •Rx3i •Rx7i •VersaMax •Horner OCS •GE Micro •Series Five •Series Six CCM2 •EGD •SRTP •CCM •Modbus RTU •ASCII •TCP •OPC Data Access (DA) •OPC Unified Architecture (UA) •OPC XML-DA


•S7-200 •S7-300 •Siemens S7-400 •Siemens S7-1200 •Siemens S7-1500 •Siemens S5 •Siemens S5 (3964R) •Siemens S7 MPI •SNMP & many others.

& Custom Solutions

23% operating time increse
45% quality inspection time reduction
65% just-in-time production increase
90% production launch time reduction


950 mln OEM, TIER 1 and TIER 2 finished products packed and shipped yearly

750 mln metal sheet pressed, lasered, welded and cut yearly

10 mln shock absorbers yearly

12 mln LPG, CNG and H2 tanks tested yearly

750 work centers and 60 lines with ANT system

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Machines & Equipment

Companies that produce equipments which we meet every day in our households need individual production guidance to ensure that the shipping product is complete and at the highest quality.

The main focus is laid on digital operator instructions with step-by-step activities and 100% paperless solution. With machines communication, production executes with automatized tests, which leads to achieve better quality and shorter tact time.

ANT Smart Factory provides a much faster production launch and better process control. ANT quality gates make sure that the products are tested and complete.

Machines & Equipment Solutions

• Aging • Annealing
• Assembly • Automatic assembly
• Automated welding • Bending
• CNC machining • Components mounting
• Cutting • Final packaging
• Laser welding • Manual assembly
• Manual welding • Milling
• Montage • Packaging
• Programming electronics • Palletizing
• Quality rooms • Rework rooms
• Service rooms • Test rooms
95% shop floor paper reduction
68% on-time shippment increase
32% changeover quantity reduction
15% energy consumption reduction

Machines & Equipment KEY VALUES

420 mln cycles on bending machines yearly

65 mln electrical tests yearly

650 mln shipped finished goods yearly

1,3 mln chosen laser programs yearly

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Every second on the line is precious, while thousands of products are being produced at the shift. Finding the root cause of each stop is essential to optimize the process to improve performance.

MES with Advanced Productivity Management are the products of ANT Smart Factory that focuses on finding and categorizing micro-stops to provide real data about stoppage reason and to find the bottlenecks. Digital communication between production and laboratory helps faster production resuming after done quality inspections. The solution optimizes better components usage.

ANT Smart Factory brings new quality to monitor production, its OEE and hints on how to improve efficiency. While production lines’ availability is critical, ANT supports faster maintenance notification on mobile devices.


• Assembly • Comparting
• Components mounting • Cutting
• Final packaging • Drawing
• Manual assembly • Labeling
• Montage • Packaging
• Palletizing • Stranding
• Winding
65% more maintenance inspections on time
28% changeover time reduction
140% maintenance reaction time reduction
35% failures time reduction


150 mln km winded wires yearly

550 mln packed bottles yearly

200 mln produced packages yearly

60 mln kg consumed material yearly

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