Our engineers and manufacturing managers have plenty of success stories. A successful implementation in one production plant is quickly spreading to another locations and involved managers become leaders of the Industry 4.0 in their organizations. We share our experience with you, offering practices developed in other plants. Most importantly, we recommend application of individual improvements in your process by putting emphasis on its automation. We aim to guide you and your plant through a digital transformation.

Implementation impact

Our clients notice possitive impact of ANT’s solutions in many fields. There are several factors affecting the final effect of cooperation, such as:

  • comprehensive approach to solving production problems,
  • ability of creating customized software based on on,
  • stable platform and full-time support.
  • using gained experience in centre of excellence in the continous process of improvement.

Areas, where you can see the most significant changes are:

Key assumption of ANT's solutions implementation:

  • OEE increase
  • Operating time increase
  • Quality improvement
  • Management optimization
  • Changeovers time reduction
  • Better information and knowledge flow
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