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Industrial digitalization strategy

Digital Transformation – effective way to achieve the best performance and top excellence in manufacturing.

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Our engineers start each project by answering the key question:

“How to make good use of the possibilities offered by combining machine automation with information systems in order to create the best possible production supervision system based on the best manufacturing practices?”.

Before we answer this question, we conduct a multi-level audit. Our goal is to get to know the technology, the production process, the types of machines and the way in which production is organized. The audit is focused on finding specific places in the production process that affect the final efficiency of production and proposing a solution aimed at automatic real-time supervision, including monitoring and registration:

  • production
  • production time, breaks, breakdowns, downtimes, changeovers,
  • losses, quantities and causes of waste formation
  • operator activity
  • maintenance tasks
  • quality control

Our automation engineers are proficient in developing solutions for monitoring high-performance machines and processes carried out on both modern and old machine models.
In the first place, we try to connect directly to machine controllers or introduce additional sensors and I / O modules that enable registration of signals from machines.

Along with the system, we provide tactile operator terminals, large-size screens, mobile devices such as barcode terminals, tablets and smartphones.
In parallel with the hardware solution, we develop a specification for integrating our system with existing systems such as ERP.

The final concept allows us to prepare an offer that includes a comprehensive solution for delivery, installation, creation of a dedicated system, implementation, training and maintenance of the system.
The digital transformation of a production plant is usually the way in which we implement further functional modules of the system, in subsequent production areas, and ultimately we cover the system with further production plants located in different parts of the world.

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