Main goals
during designing
production solutions

was to provide our customers highly customized and automated system. Also we wanted it extremely light to reduce implementation time with top efficiency in many fields – from improving usage of manufacturing costs, through empowers resources, to provide high level on-line information flow that allows on quick reacting in changeable environment. These features were vital because implementation of our solutions is significant step to achieve Industry 4.0 standards.

Our solution fills the gap between ERP and shopfloor, allows to increase effectiveness and eliminate the paper document flow.

It stands out from others with their functionality and, resulting from it, business benefits.

Our systems dedicated for production allow to connect to any ERP systems in different ways (web services, SQL/ODBC, flat-files). We fill the gap between existing sofware and production shopfloor. The most often case is: to provide real-time data from machines and production lines (see Manufacturing Performance Supervisory) to create intuitive operator panel replacing paper documents, provide additional functions supporting machine’s operations.

All features and functionalities are effects of a professional connection of IT and industrial automation solutions. A unique system which is able to raise the production plant to a higher level of excellence – a superefficient, perfectly organized factory.

Ergonomic communication
with the operators

One of key factors in production managing process, is to show in a clear way data, describing what is happening on the shopfloor at the moment. The insight into the production indicators should be available for everybody to involve all people in current actions. Clear and fast information flow helps operators, maintenance technicians and managers understand the process better and make proper decisions.

In ANT we developed our own standard of graphical visualization of production that shows manufacturing progress, results, actions and losses during the day and current shift. It only takes 5 seconds to see how the manufacturing process looks like at the moment, where are the delays, losses and problems, where is a choke point and where is the biggest need to solve a problem quickly. For example, when a machine is not producing, everybody should know: what is the reason of the stop, how long it takes, when the machine will be ready again, who is responsible for the fix.

Operators receive a tailor-made solution allows to report the production in real-time. System is well-designed with regard to UX. Using the touch panel and interactive application operator`s can very quickly report the results and progress of production and report every stage of the machines.

Identification of important parameters

ANT: MES identifies parameters e.g. standard OEE, FE, MTBF, MTTR indicators, operation times – changeover, start-up, production, failure, cleaning, prevention.

Production quality control

Production rates – quantity counters for good and bad products, waste meters measured in pieces or other production units (mass, length), nature and causes of the waste.

Complex process registration

Direct connection to machines allows real-time recording, introduction of manufacturing procedures ensures that production events are recorded.

Learning and synergy

Recorded data allows to identify achievable targets, analysis of efficiency improves trends, system synergy with continuous improvement methodology.

Vast options of interfaces

Inferface for machines, ERP systems, Managers, Operators and other solutions e.g. CMMS, Quality, SPC and corporate reporting systems.

Communication with ERP systems

2 way communication - ANT: MES downloads a list of production orders of their and return to the ERP of data on progress with parameters of execution effectiveness.

Ergonomic communication

Operators receive a tailor-made solution allows to report the production in real-time. System is well-designed with regard to UX.

Paperless production

Online access to documentation.

Implementation elements


System concept development – identification of optimization areas, including: audit, analysis, brainstorming, project, SCRUM.


Delivery and assembly of equipment, including: operator terminals, large-scale displays, machine communication modules.


Implementation of a dedicated Production Performance system developed in the ANT: AOS system platform.


Coverage of the system with 24/7 technical support with a monthly lump sum of working hours for a programmer / automotive engineer to introduce current changes.