Performance driven solution

ANT Production is a complex solution for manufacturing companies that fills the gap between existing business systems and the shop floor.


Modular build and advanced possibilities to customize improve factory efficiency and productivity and resolve real manufacturing problems. ANT Production enables to realize Digital Transformation journey and move to Factory of the Future

ANT solutions resolve real manufacturing problems and boost productivity and excellence of production thanks to:

  • Machines connectivity
  • Automatic gathering process data
  • Visual management
  • Paperless
  • Transparency
  • Integrated Environment


As a result, our solution allows for a visible OEE growth after a dozen or so weeks after the implementation.

Machine Data Acquisition

The main goal for Digitalization is to get necessary data in real-time.

Our system allows connecting to any machines on the production – both the new one and the old one. Built-in communication protocol and a unique combination of software and automation help to achieve a very important step in Digital Transformation: connected machines. ANT delivers not only software but also automation and equipment for machines like additional sensors, I/O modules which are important in the case gathering data from older machines.

Production execution

Right data for the right people at the right time. Whole process execution under control.

ANT Production is based on collecting data directly from machines with hybrid reporting by the Operators support production execution with online process monitoring. Fast notifications and feedback help Operators and Managers to understand the processes better and get the possibility to make proper decisions at the right time. Tailor-made visualization allows to production reporting in a user-friendly environment supporting operator at every step of the production process.

Pro-advising features deliver information in real-time about: delays, reasons, losses and issues, overdosing.


ANT Paperless enables to eliminate paper from the shop floor. Proven in Pharma, Aviation and Automotive solution with Audit Trial allows making documentation digitalized. Tailor-made visualization is user-friendly and ready to get all necessary data in the Digital way. ANT solution is also supporting the Operator through the whole process.


Transfer of manual records to the computer system reduces the time it takes to fill in forms – a significant proportion of the forms concerned are automatically acquired and placed in them. The part of records manually filled in by operators may be completely replaced by the system. It ensures the reliability of the data due to the fact that they are read directly from machines or measuring and control devices.

Operators have access to current documentation – there is no need to print or update paper documentation, instructions and installation diagrams.

Our solution allows for timely execution of records – the system reminds e.g. of the need for Quality Control and records the actual time of performance along with the data. It guarantees that entries are executed by the employee who validates it with their own ID card. The management has the possibility to analyze data and make decisions in real-time, at the moment of data input by the operator.

Paperless may increase the effectiveness of the maintenance reducing MTTR. A maintenance specialist commencing operation identifies the machine, for example, using NFC code. Thanks to it he has quick access to machine documentation, manual and all important data. There is no need of searching for the solution in paper manuals or reports. Thanks to paperless all necessary information such as photos, CAD pictures and manuals are saved with quick access by a smartphone o tablet.

Analysis & Reports Platform

ANT BI is a powerful tool for managers that bring analytics to the new levels.

The system combines all data from the shop floor and from the existing system into one integrated platform with the possibility to overview the production from high to a low level with easy access to all necessary KPI`s and TPM`s like OEE, Quality, Availability, Performance, MTBF, MTTR. ANT BI enables to make the right decisions at the right time and reduce time-consuming manually preparing of reports.


Business values:

No time wastings and errors

Elimination of time-consuming copying of data from paper forms, it’s availability delays and copying errors.

Complex process registration

Direct connection to machines allows real-time recording, the introduction of manufacturing procedures ensures that production events are recorded.

Identification of important parameters

The system identifies parameters e.g. standard OEE, FE, MTBF, MTTR indicators, operation times – changeover, start-up, production, failure, cleaning, prevention.

One space for documentation

An extensive database with data on manufactured products, supplied with ERP data and system to create documentation.

Paperless production

Documentation kept by various teams with an interactive system running on touch-screen terminals or industrial tablets located directly at workstations.

Production quality control

Production rates – quantity counters for good and bad products, waste meters measured in pieces or other production units (mass, length), nature and causes of the waste.

Learning and synergy

Recorded data allows identifying achievable targets, analysis of efficiency improves trends, system synergy with continuous improvement methodology.

Knowledge flow

Stored documentation is available for operators, quality control personnel, logistics and maintenance and does not disappear in case personel movements.

Ergonomic communication

Operators receive a tailor-made solution allows reporting the production in real-time. The system is well-designed with regard to UX.

Vast options of interfaces

Interface for machines, ERP systems, Managers, Operators and other solutions e.g. CMMS, Quality, SPC and corporate reporting systems.

Implementation elements


System concept development – identification of optimization areas, including audit, analysis, brainstorming, project, SCRUM.


Delivery and assembly of equipment, including operator terminals, large-scale displays, machine communication modules.


Implementation of a dedicated Production Performance system developed in the ANT AOS system platform.


Coverage of the system with 24/7 technical support with a monthly lump sum of working hours for a programmer / automotive engineer to introduce current changes.