Advanced production planning with online insight into the production progress.

ANT Real-Time Scheduling enables improve production planning.

The system integrates with the ERP system downloading production orders and presents them in the Gantt chart. RTS automatically adjusts the schedule optimizing the production orders based on historical data, gathered by ANT Production systems. The production schedule is updated every second and recalculated based on:

  • actual production orders list,
  • priority,
  • time of delivery,
  • real-data driven from machines,
  • real production progress.


Future orders are automatically recalculated based on historical data from machines and production. It allows the planning engineer to see the plan based on current production progress and the possibility to implement updates online.

Graphical view

Make a real plan. Thanks to the Gantt charts system deliver a graphical view into production orders and lines capacity with a user-friendly interface.

The system is presenting the current situation and automatically updates the plan based on the actual situation on the shop floor. Drag&Drop options with multiple scenarios support the Planner in easy and fast creating of the best as possible production schedule.

ANT RTS takes into account many factors that have an impact on production execution. To make a realistic plan the system enables to define various factors and criteria like employee matrix, tools matrix, materials stocks. ANT RTS has advanced algorithms regarding technology, logistics and works to ensure an optimal adjustment of the production plan to the current situation. The system identifies current disturbances and automatically adjusts production plant in accordance with current and historical performance.




ERP Integration

Transparency and common data in systems.

ANT Real-Time Scheduling delivers several ways to easily integrate with ERP systems by web services, RFC, ODBC or flat-files. It enables automatic transfer from ERP: production orders, routings, BOMS. The updates in the production plan are automatically transferred to the ERP system.


Cooperation with the maintenance

Ensuring the whole production process overview ANT RTS connects planning production as well as maintenance operations.

Our solution allows for smooth cooperation between production and maintenance departments. You can schedule in real-time or in the advance orders and required deadlines of conservation allocating particular tasks for selected specialists. The system will show the time of changeovers from product A to product B on selected machines by specific maintenance specialists. You have also data od time of conservation, repairs and the type of breakdown. In the case of any conflicts, ANT RTS will indicate problems with suggesting an optimal solution.

Key features:

Increase productivity

Production plan is executed faster and more effective.

Creating of simulation

Creating multiple scenarios to choose optimal production process.

Shortening of lead time

Real-time dynamic definition of operation execution schedules on production lines and presentation in a common graphical module.

Increase in speed adjusting to changes

Dedicated optimization algorithms taking into account individual technological, logistic and organizational capabilities of the plant.

Cooperation with maintenance

Visualization of changeovers, time of conservation, repairs and the type of breakdowns, indication of problems.

Vast range of orders

Combination of scheduling production orders with maintenance orders, scheduled inspections and events.

Smart planning

Automatic recalculation of the events recorded by the production hall system for the time of subsequent operations, identification and resolution of conflicts of maintenance resource.

Implementation elements


System concept development – identification of optimization areas, including · audit, · analysis, · brainstorming, · project · SCRUM


Delivery and assembly of equipment, including · Operator terminals, large-scale displays · Machine communication modules


Implementation of a dedicated Production Performance system developed in the ANT AOS system platform


Coverage of the system with 24/7 technical support with a monthly lump sum of working hours for a programmer / automotive engineer to introduce current changes.