ANT: Maintenance is a systemic approach to coordinating maintenance activities and production.

Better, systemic cooperation between the production and maintenance departments has a significant impact on production efficiency. This is why we created the Maintenance set of solutions for the supervision and coordination of maintenance services.


The solution for handling and managing notifications, which is by far the most popular system. ANT: ANDON has a direct impact on shortening the following times: MTTRt – mean time to react, MTTR – mean time to repair, and MTBF – mean time between fails. Transparent cooperation between production and maintenance is the basis for an efficient production plant.

ANT: Andon will help solve issues with:

  • Problems with machine operation or assembly operations.
  • Breakdowns
  • Changeovers
  • Supply of raw material

When a company deploys modern manufacturing methodologies, the ANDON system seems to be one of the first steps.

Modern, cutting-edge ANDON implemented by ANT is much more complex and is a part of the Manufacturing Performance Supervisory solution. Our system monitors machine by reading data from PLC and gives an operator interface. When an operator needs support, he selects ANDON call reason: breakdown, changeover, lack of material, add details and comment and the ANDON message is sent with a timestamp, PLC parameters like status or error code, to dedicated person via SMS or smartphone application.

All ANDON actions are recorded and available to browse in the system. ANDON records are suitable to calculate real MTTRct (Time to Reaction) MTTR (Time to Repair) and MTBF (Time between failures). All the parameters are calculated separately for each machine, operator, maintenance and technician.
ANDON solutions are implemented on single machines as well as on production and assembly lines.

Total Productive Maintenance

Our complex and comprehensive solution that supports whole maintenance in most optimal standards and effectiveness.

Main assumptions of ANT: TPM affect on vital for production process factors such as autonomous production maintenance. Thanks to that the maintenance crew works with the highest effectiveness having a vast knowledge of machines. The specialist is in able to detect any irregularities indicating the possibility of defects. The system supports upkeeping whole machinery park and optimizing work of administrative levels of the company.

ANT: TPM has a major influence on the reduction of time: MTTRt – mean time to react, MTTR – mean time to repair, or MTBF- mean time between fails.

PM – Preventive Maintenance

PM is a systemic approach to planning and executing technical inspection orders. The solution utilizes the potential of maintenance services, control over the execution of maintenance orders as well as optimization of PM orders with a production plan.

These features include the handling of ANDON requests and are integrated with Real-Time Production Scheduling – joint production planning and maintenance tasks.

One of our assumptions was to deliver Maintenance job planning, both in manual or automatic options planning based on the time lapse or actual use of the machine, e.g. the number of cycles, operating time, machine load in time.

Spare Parts

Development of the PM system with a spare parts catalog.

The module allocates the use of spare parts for conducted repairs and maintenance work. Access to spare parts documentation directly at the workplace Settlement of the spare parts warehouse, maintenance of inventory BI of spare parts – lifetime analysis of spare parts from different suppliers


Tooling is a set of solutions for managing the instrumentation of machines and production lines. We decided to provide software that has various features supporting Maintenance teams:

ANT: Tooling registers various data and changes: use and wear of instruments, inspections, replacement, rental as well as instrument’s condition – installation, removal, storage – history, time, operators including availability in the Real-Time Scheduling production plan.

It saves examples of applications: molds for injection molding machines, CNC tooling, casting molds, line format parts. The solution also provides instrument marking by barcodes or RFID and NFC codes.

AM – Autonomous Maintenance

Autonomous Maintenance is the development of the operator’s application for the maintenance of machines. This tool’s main purposes is to facilitate the work, ensuring appropriate procedures, recording the performance of work.

The software allows access to AM plans from an operator terminal and AM Instructions including a description, checkpoint list, photos, and instructional videos. ANT: AM notifies of the necessity to execute based on the time lapse or the fulfillment of a technological condition, e.g. cycle counter, machine load, type of changeover.

Implementation of mobile solution for maintenance services

Smartphone application for the maintenance staff use of NFC tags cooperating with the Real-Time Production Scheduling solution and dedicated ANDON escalation pathway.

Effective technical inspections

Induction and facilitation of a systemic approach to planning and executing technical inspection orders.

The flow of information

ANT solutions ensure the best flow of data and documentation optimizing the production process and machine park.

Efficient supplies

Allocation of the use of spare parts for conducted repairs and maintenance work.

Implementation elements


System concept development – identification of optimization areas, including audit, analysis, brainstorming, project, SCRUM.


Delivery and assembly of equipment, including Operator terminals, large-scale displays, Machine communication modules.


Implementation of a dedicated Production Performance system developed in the ANT: AOS system platform.


Coverage of the system with 24/7 technical support with a monthly lump sum of working hours for a programmer / automotive engineer to introduce current changes.