Highest machinery effectivenes

ANT Maintenence works for better, systemic cooperation between the production and maintenance departments, which has a significant impact on production efficiency.

In some plants, our maintenance system helped to increase machines utilization time about 20% in a result of:

  • Reduction of changeovers time,
  • Reduction breakdowns and MTTR,
  • Facilitation of a systemic approach to planning and executing technical inspection orders,
  • Better cooperation between maintenance, production and planning departments.




Manage and execute all maintenance work in your plant.

ANT CMMS delivers a complex overview of whole maintenance, including: scheduled and upcoming maintenance operations, production plan, changeovers.  Each operation is scheduled with assigned date, priority, team/specialist, spare parts, time, the number of cycles. Two-way communication enables the maintenance operators by adding suggested actions. For more effective work, you can create a personalized view with particular actions to manage, such as changeovers, breakdowns repairs, calibrations, maintenance, conservations, predictive maintenance.

The system allows creating customized factory layers with e.g. lines, departments, units, work centers. Every part of the structure can be also separated in particular sections like machines, devices. Also, each object may be described,e.g.: “Machine A” with a unique ID, pictures, specification and dimensions, materials, manufacturer, supplier, external maintenance, history and warranty. Thanks to it each device on the shop floor has its metrics.


Advanced reporting module ensures complex data for deep analyze:

  • How much time the repairs took.
  • Financial analyze with a cost chart of machines and devices for particular departments, lines, units.
  • Statistics with customized filters.
  • TPM (MTBF, MTTF, MTTR), breakdowns time, quantity, reasons, time of reactions, suggestions.
  • Profitability – which machines bring the biggest profits, which ones cause the biggest loses, cost of work, service, spare parts.
  • Maintenance cost simulation.
  • Comparing the duration of scheduled activities with real-time required to finish.
  • History of the preventive maintenance operations.
  • Upcoming dates of certificates.



Mobile application to support your maintenance department in increasing productivity.

ANT ANDON has a direct impact on shortening the following times: MTTRt – Mean Time To React, MTTR – Mean Time To Repair. Transparent cooperation between production and maintenance is the basis for an efficient production plant.

ANDON will help solve issues with machine operation or assembly operations, breakdowns, changeovers, the supply of raw material.

Our system monitors machine by reading data from PLC and gives an operator interface. An operator who needs support selects ANDON call reason: breakdown, changeover, lack of material, add details and comment. Then the system’s message is sent to a not covered by work specialist with required qualifications with a timestamp, PLC parameters like status or error code via SMS or smartphone application.

All ANDON actions are recorded and available to browse in the system. ANDON records are suitable to calculate real MTTRt (Mean Time to Reaction) MTTR (Mean Time to Repair) and MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures). All the parameters are calculated separately for each machine, operator, maintenance and technician.


Spare parts and supplies under control.

Our system has also the functionality of creating customized warehouse structure. Each part is stored and assigned to dedicated places facilitating access. ANT CMMS enables digital access to spare parts documentation directly at the workplace settlement. Barcodes allow quick identification. Thanks to it, every component has its own metric with data such as:

  • manufacturer,
  • price,
  • serial number,
  • individual code,
  • lifetime,
  • quantity,
  • date of entering a warehouse,
  • expiration date,
  • returns,
  • the date of the part departure from the warehouse.

Preventive Maintenance

Systematic and cyclical approach to keeping your machines and devices in the best condition.

The system supports the maintenance department in systematic, planned conservations and technical repairs. Integration with ANT RTS allows for smooth cooperation between the production and maintenance by planning and executing orders on the shop floor. All departments have an overview of current and future operations. ANT PM uses mobile application for receiving, as well as reporting orders. NFC tags are used to logging and registering the maintenance specialist work. All operations and orders are registered with the necessary documentation.

Predictive Maintenance

Minimalize breakdowns on the shop floor.

Predictive maintenance uses condition-monitoring equipment to evaluate machinery performance in real-time. Depending on technology and technique of performing the monitoring, the system captures information from sensors to gather data, identifying possible areas where breakdowns may appear. Learning features with advanced algorithms allows for preventing issues, increasing production effectiveness.

Autonomous Maintenance

Reach higher production efficiency thanks to our system that minimalizes breakdowns and failures.

ANT AM supports the machine operators in ensuring appropriate maintenance procedures during the production process. These specialists being the closest to production lines are the first line of keeping machines in optimal condition. The system helps them to carry out cyclical actions, checking the machine status in particular periods, the number of cycles, shifts. Using a mobile device, an operator has quick access to machine data, documentation, manuals, plans, checkpoint list, CAD pictures, photos, instructional videos. In case of any necessity, he can call the maintenance immediately to solve the problem. Autonomous Maintenance increases production effectiveness and reducing the number breakdowns.

Condition-Based Maintenance

Top Industry 4.0 system that prevents cost-generating breakdowns and production slowdowns.

Our system supports the Condition Based Maintenance strategy monitoring the actual condition of machines. The main purpose of the ANT CBM is to gather data, indicate tendencies causing a breakdown and help to decide the technicians what maintenance action needs to be done. Thanks to it all preventive actions are be scheduled at the optimal time, reducing the total cost of the machine’s operations.

Data like for eg. Machine’s temperature, oil temperature, steam pressure, vibrations, acoustic, performance, infrared analysis, electricity, is gathered from sensors or spot reding cameras at certain intervals, or continuously. The system provides non-invasive measurements, visual inspection, and scheduled tests.

ANT CBM benefits in reducing production speed loss caused by breakdowns and prevent expensive repairs before they happen.

Business values:

Increase of machines utilization time

In some plants, our maintenance system helped to increase machines utilization time about 20%

Increase of shop floor effectiveness

Reduction of changeovers time, breakdowns, MTTR and MTTRt

Efficient supplies

Allocation of the use of spare parts for conducted repairs and maintenance work.

Effective technical inspections

Induction and facilitation of a systemic approach to planning and executing technical inspection orders.

Better information flow

ANT Solutions ensure the best flow of data and documentation optimizing the production process and machine park.

Implementation of mobile solution for maintenance services

Smartphone application for the maintenance staff use of NFC tags cooperating with the Real-Time Production Scheduling solution and dedicated ANDON escalation pathway.

Implementation elements


System concept development – identification of optimization areas, including audit, analysis, brainstorming, project, SCRUM.


Delivery and assembly of equipment, including Operator terminals, large-scale displays, Machine communication modules.


Implementation of a dedicated Production Performance system developed in the ANT AOS system platform.


Coverage of the system with 24/7 technical support with a monthly lump sum of working hours for a programmer / automotive engineer to introduce current changes.