Our software fills the gap between ERP system and shop floor (machines, software, human factor). Based on our programming platform ANT AOS  (Automation Operating System) and vast experience, our solutions are designed to bring the best as possible fast ROI achieved.


ERP and other business systems
+ Gap for ANT Solutions
Gap for ANT Solutions:
  • Realistic production schedule based on gathered data and Real-Time insight
  • Changeovers planning
  • Fewer effort and paperwork
  • No paper
  • Flexibility
  • Documentation availability
  • Everyone knows
  • Everyone is engaged
  • Everyone is up-to-date

One common system wrap

  • Prevent overdosing
  • Scrap reduction

Accurate Continuous Monitoring – Real-Time Feedback + Correct decisions and action plans for future

  • Maintenance
  • Logistics

Use of modern devices like touchpanels, tablets, smartphones, interactive monitors with friendly and helpful applications

Energy monitoring and calculating actual media use converted into productivity

Shopfloor (operators, machines, production)

Solutions architecture

See below how our solution is placed in your plant.

Our goal is to deliver everything necessary to increase your factory’s efficiency. We can connect various stages of planning, managing, and manufacturing processes in complex solutions.