ANT solutions for Pharmaceuticals and Biotech industries

We have implemented our solutions in many pharmaceuticals companies. Pharma industry is characterized by a high level of requirements with stringent quality and safety rules. System implementations in the pharmaceutical industry confirm that we keep the highest standards of the software and implementation course.

Excellent references in the pharma industry clear a path for our quick expansion on another foreign market.

Key numbers

<br>10 000 000 000

10 000 000 000

tablets produces and packed yearly

<br>600 000 000

600 000 000

produced more pills in 2018 comparing with 2017. This is capacity of one small-size plant

<br>1 300 000 000

1 300 000 000

tubes of creams and toothpaste filled every year

<br>150 000 000

150 000 000

ampoules and eye drops filled yearly

<br>60 Packing lines

60 Packing lines

with ANT System

Key figures

of ANT Pharmacy 4.0 implementations

Dots bg
average growth of OEE indicator
Operating time increase
Running at full speed time increase
Changeovers time reduction
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Business values

+9% more machines utilization time is a result of:

  • Micro-stops, breakdowns, speed losses supervised by ANT Performance Module.
  • Reduction of changeovers, organization time ANT Changeover Module.
  • Reduction breakdowns and MTTR thanks to ANT Maintenance and ANDON.
  • ANT Real-Time Scheduling closes the optimization loop. Better planning of production and maintenance plus Real-Time execution saves time for production.
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