High volume

ANT solutions for high volume production

Various materials and product’s dimensions. Various technologies and challenges to face. Our solutions increase high volume production optimizing efficiency in factories.

We have gathered vast experience during cooperating with our customers. It benefits the best Industry 4.0 solutions proven “in action”. Sharing best practices we are able to answer our client’s business demands.

Key numbers

300 000 000
300 000 000

packages in 2018

175 200 000
175 200 000

of bottles in 2018

10 512
10 512

kilometers of nonwoven fabrics in 2018

Noticed optimization

Dots bg
average growth of OEE indicator
operating time increase
reduction of deleyed orders
reduction of micro-stops
changeovers time reduction
 Our clients: icon Our clients:

Business values

+6% more machines utilization time is a result of:

  • Reduction breakdowns and MTTR thanks to ANT Maintenance and ANDON.
  • Reduction of micro-stops, breakdowns, speed losses
  • Optimal production planning with ANT Real-Time Scheduler
  • Quality improvement
  • Reduction of changeovers, organization time ANT Changeover Module