ANT solutions for FMCG industry

Doing everyday shopping we find the shelves filled with products that have been produced using the ANT system. These are the top-brand drinks, mineral water, beer, alcoholic beverages, and cigarettes. For years we have been observing a large interest in ANT systems in FMCG by its representatives. Our systems for this industry work in the production facilities located in factories all over the world supporting the production of the most recognizable brands of tobacco, food, and beverages.

Key numbers:

3 150 000 000

cigarettes produced daily

150 000 000

cigarettes produced more in 2018 compared with 2017

124 000 000

bottles of sparkling water leaving factories monthly

500 600 000

bottles of beer and spirits

45 factories

all over the world

Noticed optimization:

Dots bg
average growth of OEE indicator
operating time increase
running at full speed time increase
changeovers time reduction
reduction of defects
 Our clients: icon Our clients:

Business values

+9% more machines utilization time is a result of:

  • Micro-stops, breakdowns, speed losses supervised
  • Changeovers, organization time
  • Reduction breakdowns and MTTR thanks to ANT Maintenance and ANDON
  • Better planning of production and maintenance plus execution saves time for production