Automotive & Aviation

The most advanced one
when it comes
to implementation

Automotive & Aviation is the most advanced one when it comes to the implementation of systems for supporting production processes. It requires very high standards of production. In most cases, there are produced components comprised of many parts on a high technological level. Answering challenges that our clients face, we must be aware of the technological processes standing behind each product. High standards of production and jacked up requirements of car concerns cause that ANT systems play a key role in the production and an impeccable work of the system is critical for the facility.

ANT systems for this industry are technologically most advanced solutions which enter into the automated production process very deeply, monitoring and registering as well as manually programming parameters for each next production model.

Key numbers

10 000 000
10 000 000

shock absorbers yearly

3 000 000
3 000 000

compressors yearly

120 000
120 000

aircraft seats manufactured yearly

150 000
150 000

HVAC units yearly


factories in America, Europe & Asia

Noticed optimization

Dots bg
average growth of OEE indicator
operating time increase
reduction of deleyed orders
reduction of micro-stops
changeovers time reduction
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Business values

+20% more machines utilization time is a result of:

  • Reduction of micro-stops, breakdowns, speed losses
  • Quality improvement
  • Reduction of changeovers, organization time ANT Changeover Module
  • Reduction breakdowns and MTTR thanks to ANT Maintenance and ANDON
  • Optimal production planning with ANT Real-Time Scheduler