To share best practices

Sharing best practices to achieve your goal

What does it mean? It is obvious that everyone uses his experience gained during various projects. In ANT we go further. We share best practices and solutions between industries.

For example – we can implement some features used commonly in FMCG industry into the pharma industry. We do not have a “box approach” – our solutions may be developed with any functionalities you need. Only if we see it’s effectiveness which helps to achieve your business goal.

We share best practices with you offering our experience developed during various implementation processes. Most importantly, we recommend the application of individual improvements in your process by putting emphasis on its automation.

Dedicated industrial systems

If your company has more production facilities, you know how important it is to see the big picture. Because of this, it is essential to implement a dedicated system that is very deeply customized but at the same time as unified within one company as possible.

Dedicated but unified what means that there is no room for time and cost consuming creating a dedicated solution from scratch.
All ANT Systems are developed in ANT-AOS (Automation Operating System) – distributed system platform, that allows our engineers to create custom solutions in a stable, efficient and scalable programming environment.

Creating leaders

Our engineers and manufacturing managers have plenty of success stories. A successful implementation in one production plant is quickly spreading to another location and involved managers become leaders of the Industry 4.0 in their organizations. We share our experience with you, offering practices developed in other plants. Most importantly, we recommend the application of individual improvements in your process by putting emphasis on its automation. We aim to guide you and your plant through a digital transformation.

Knowledge & experience flow

Knowledge & experience flow<


We have an extremely individual approach towards each implementation. In order to create a perfect, tailor-suited system, we work in close cooperation with the factory managers and this is why SCRUM methodology is ideal for our way of work.

Throughout the entire implementation, we are in constant contact with the client.  who has access to the live system almost from the very beginning and can see all the ups and downs of its current state.

The feedback gathered from the managers allows us to change and adjust the look and functionalities of the system while it is constantly checked and tested in actual production or office environment, which shows not theoretical, but existing, real challenges of the given factory.


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