To identify goals

Key factors of the change

Digital Transformation is holistic process affecting the best performance and top excellence in manufacturing. Each customer has different requirements, goals and environment.
To understand it is the key factor in achieving business goals.

We can compare this process to journey, where your goal is not only to get to the top of one mountain but walk through whole mountain chain reaching particular peaks as stakeholders of the transformation. This is why you need a guide and a partner, who knows the path and has necessary tools. This is the role for us on the way to your success.

Our experience includes 13 years on the market, 500+ implementations in different branches in factories located in 33 countries on 5 continents. We have worked out best practices, methodology and work culture.

Steps to achieve
your goals

We find specific places in the production process that affects it’s final efficiency. Our engineers start each project by answering the key question:

How to make good use of the possibilities offered by combining machine automation?

How to achieve it with systems production supervision system based on the best manufacturing practices?

We are looking for gaps on existing production process.
Our goal is to fill this gap using ANT Smart Factory Solution.
We analyse whole process an looking how to optimize.


We connect directly to machine controllers or implement additional sensors and I / O modules that enable registration of signals from machines.


Along with the system, we provide tactile operator terminals, large-size screens, mobile devices such as barcode terminals, tablets and smartphones.


In parallel with the hardware solution, we develop a specification for integrating our system with existing systems such as ERP.


We implement further functional modules of the system, in subsequent production areas ultimately covering the system with further production plants located in different parts of the world.

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