To equip shop floor

We ensure all necessary features being responsible for the installation of the entire hardware on-site, keeping best industrial standards responsible.

Implementing the system, we ensure the hardware necessary for using all the software’s potential. Also, we carry out the complete connection, installation and configuration of our system. The entire implementation is executed by a single supplier. We provide individual consultancy and propose the use of equipment that will be the most suitable for your plant in terms of work ergonomics and conditions of the processes. We carry out the installation of structural wiring providing the LAN network and power supply for the used equipment.

Comprehensive service

Our key skills and experience with industrial automation include hardware, according to our philosophy “one partner for the entire project”. Thus we are ready to provide the whole implementation process including choice and installation of optimal gear such as:

  • PLC's connection
  • Additional sensors
  • Operator's panels, TVs, smartphones, tablets
  • Wires installation
  • Converters
  • Completion of measurement equipment
  • Meters
  • Sensors
  • PLCs

One partner

for the entire project
One partner
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