To deliver system

Dedicated but not developed from scratch

In ANT “dedicated system” means system with dedicated functionality, created in collaboration with plant managers, based on their deep knowledge and experience.

All ANT Systems are developed in ANT-AOS (Automation Operating System) – distributed system platform, that allows our engineers to create custom solutions in stable, efficient and scalable programming environment. ANT-AOS is an open platform. This means that it gives access to Customer to both – runtime and development environment. In AOS Management Studio, system administrator can see and even set whole system configuration. Moreover, Customer has also access to raw (not compiled) scripts dedicated for entire system.



Go-live even in 3 months

Working in SCRUM methodology we create system in direct contact with plant managers. After 1-2 weeks from the start of a project we show our customers first results, data and screens. In the same time our engineers connect machines (PLC, signals, sensors, meters), install operator terminals, large monitors. If only server and industrial network is available we can record first production data.

Ready to work

During the 3-6 months we work with customer to deliver friendly in use, fit system. We place emphasis on machine operators interface in order to make their work as ergonomic and efficient as possible.

For this reason we try to gather as much data as possible directly from machines.


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