We see your business goals as challenges to face. Each project has 6 steps to deliver the best solutions to boost your manufacturing and see the benefits. Our target is to ensure everything you need in the process of the Digital Transformation. Going each of them allows understanding why our systems are so highly rated by our customers.

Shopfloor (operators, machines, production)

How we work

We fill gaps in existing processes. We do this both: using our approach and dedicated software solutions. Here we explain our approach.

We have proved many times that these steps together provide the best long-term cooperation with our clients who achieve business goals and optimize high-quality production processes. It is possible only thanks to our unique approach that has been developing during various projects.

Each of the six steps above is reflected in specific processes and methods of operation. From the beginning, we gather all necessary data, establish automation, create dedicated software and provide necessary hardware with high-level full-time support. All experience with gained knowledge is used in optimization and continuous excellence. Thanks to that we are ready to handle the most demanding challenges.

Implemmentation process

Implemmentation process

The Digital Transformation process

We see the implementation process in the big picture when of increasing your effectiveness.

Our goal is not only to deliver a system. Exchanging our experience with the plant managers we can deliver solutions answering the real challenges. From the beginning of each cooperation, our solutions have an impact on many stages of the manufacturing process and stages. We call it the Digital Transformation. Why? Because we deliver customized, developed by one company and comprehensive hi-tech solutions leveling up many indicators in your plant.

Digital tranformation roadmap

Digital tranformation roadmap


We have an extremely individual approach towards each implementation. In order to create a perfect, tailor-suited system, we work in close cooperation with the factory managers and this is why SCRUM methodology is the best choice.

Throughout the entire implementation, we are in constant contact with the client, who has access to the live system almost from the very beginning and can see all the ups and downs of its current state.

After 3 months our team delivers a raw version of the system. During the next 3 months, we work closely to the client. The feedback we gather from the managers allows us to change and adjust the functionalities of the system while it is constantly being checked and tested in actual production or office environment. This process takes another 3 months. Depending on the project, we agree with the client one or two-week sprints. It allows answering every demands and changes in a dynamic ‘real-life’ environment.

We manage to deliver the customized system with all required functionalities in 6 months.

Scrum methodology

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Scrum methodology
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