Tailor-made software solutions

Systems ready to meet your challenges

We always provide deep customization, because in high volume production each detail has an impact on speed.

Our system developers deliver solutions turning the production managers dreams into reality – all our systems are deeply customized to meet even the most demanding requirements.

Implementation process

Rapid development: All our systems are developed in ANT AOS (Automation Operating System) – system platform. Thanks to it we can equip them with all required modules and functionalities and avoid time-consuming system development from scratch. Whole solution core is prepared and ready for customized featured. It allows us to deliver the systems ready to work in 6 months!

SCRUM: We are agile. After preparing the raw version of the system, we upgrade it with required modules and functionalities working close with the client in SCRUM methodology. It allows us to adjust our solutions accurately basing on real-time feedback. 

Continuous improvement: All systems are continuously upgraded and improved according to client’s development. We can also implement modules used in various branches to ensure the highest level of efficiency as well as compatibility with operations in the factory. 

Rapid development