Dedicated software for industry 4.0

Dedicated industrial systems

Built with plant managers in 3 to 6 months. Developed in ANT-AOS platform.

Why dedicated systems?

Dedicated because each plant is different. Even if sometimes production methodology is similar, managers have their own smart ideas and wishes for MES system functionality.
350 implementations – our experience from other plants can be used in your production

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Dedicated, but not developed from scratch

In ANT “dedicated system” means system with dedicated functionality, created in collaboration with plant managers, based on their deep knowledge and experience.

All ANT Systems are developed in ANT-AOS (Automation Operating System) – distributed system platform, that allows our engineers to create custom solutions in stable, efficient and scalable programming environment.

Go-live even in 3 months

Working in SCRUM methodology we create system in direct contact with plant managers. After 1-2 weeks from the start of a project we show our customers first results, data and screens. In the same time our engineers connect machines (PLC, signals, sensors, meters), install operator terminals, large monitors. If only server and industrial network is available we can record first production data.

During the 3-6 moths we work with customer to achieve perfectly fit system which is very friendly in use. We place emphasis on machine operators interface in order to make their work as ergonomic and efficient as possible. For this reason we try to gather as much data as possible directly from machines.

Dedicatedsolutions Manufacturing Execution Systems - MES/Light MES Paperless Production Systems APS - Advanced Plannning Systems Traceability Systems Microstops Collection Systems, Performance KPI - OEE Monitoring System Shopfloor Quality and SPC Systems Production LIMS - Laboratory Information Systems Automated Machines Setup and Turnover Systems Energy Consumption Monitoring Systems ANDON and CMMS - Computerized Maintenance Management Systems ANT AOS: Automation Operating SystemOur software platform on which base all ANT dedicated systems RealTime Production Data Flow Existing production assets PLC Sensors/Transmitters HDMI/SCADA Operator Panels Mobile terminals Energy Meters RealTime Production Data Flow Existing Environment Industrial loT Solutions Industrial network

No limits

Because we use our own software platform, there is no limit in designing functionalities.
In addition to unlimited technical possibilities, we don’t need to care about any usual software limitations.

  • Licensing model, restrictions and fees
  • number of signals/data processed
  • number of system users

Open platform

ANT-AOS is an open platform. This means that it gives access to Customer to both – runtime and development environment. In AOS Management Studio, system administrator can see and even set whole system configuration. Moreover, Customer has also access to raw (not compiled) scripts dedicated for entire system.


Quick implementation in SCRUM metodology

Working in scrum methodology we are constantly keeping in touch and cooperating closely with the client, which results in a deeply customized system fulfilling all client's requirements

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