MES – Manufacturing Execute System  

A Manufacturing Execute System (MES) is an independently functioning software that allows to collect operational data from a production line and to visualize it in a clear and understandable way in order to make faster decisions based on real data.   

MES software through the ability to collect and clearly present information in the form of tables, graphs and charts, supports the implementation of lean management and lean planning and continuous improvement methodologies in the manufacturing plant.   

The main factor in manufacturing companies affecting the quality of information presented by MES class systems is the source of data. Two main ways of supplying the system with data can be distinguished:  

  1. Machine connvectivity – allows for automation of data collection and minimization of manual reporting  
  2. Manual data entry by an operator  

Another possibility of supplementing data in the MES system is the integration with ERP systems. Most often, the integration allows for two-way data flow, so that both the ERP and MES systems have uniform data on the ongoing production.   

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