Master Data is the part of the system where all the production modelling is done. It’s a place to specify detailed technology like items, routing, factory structure or production orders. Data modelling, describe your production process more detailed  Master data is state-based data that represents the central units of a business. The essential master data […]



With ANTs’ Traceability it can be identified at any time when and where and by whom the goods were obtained, produced, processed, stored, transported, consumed or disposed of. So, the tool enables tracking and tracing of all finished goods, semi-finished goods and raw materials. Why is Traceability important? Despite the fact of existing EU regulations […]

Machine Connectivity


Machine Connectivity Machine Connectivity is responsible for communication with machine’s PLC and devices. It provides acquisition, processing and administration of data collected from automation level. With different acquisition methods, data like machine states, quantity or process parameters are read. This is the key component of ANT’s Smart Factory solutions which allows us precisely collect data […]



Why should you focus on OEE Analysis? ANT’s OEE Analysis is responsible for displaying our KPI together with availability, performance and quality. We give you the real data in real-time to show potential for optimizations.  Managers are able to set individual OEE calculation methods dedicated for your factory.  OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) refers to a […]

Handhabung von Mängeln


Wie funktioniert die Fehlerbehandlung? Das Modul Defect Handling unterstützt das Defekt- und Ausschussmanagement. Die Bediener können Defekte und deren Art über eine einfache Touchscreen-Schnittstelle melden. Zu jedem beliebigen Zeitpunkt kann das Modul einen speziellen Bericht mit Fehlergründen und -mengen anzeigen. Das Modul Fehlerbehandlung ist Teil des Bedienfelds, das die Produktionsfortschrittszähler in [...]