Paperless 2.0

We reinvented digital forms so they work for you


Paperless is responsible for digital guidance of operator – starting from displaying activities (list to-do) for production, changeovers with dedicated documentation (image, document, movie) for each step of production. Any paper form can be transferred to the system thanks to Factory Forms and all step for production are being kept as Electronic Batch Records. 

Why ANT Paperless 2.0?


Time reduction​


Standarization – (never skip a task)​

paperless-icons-automated validation

Automated validation​

paperless-icons-improved data quality

Improved Data Quality due to automation​

7 Reasons To Go Paperless

1. Improve your workflows
2. Become more environmentally friendly
and more

Find out the reasons why our clients decide to go paperless


Paperless 2.0 – how it works?

  • Convert paper reports to electronic versions
  • Collect real data automatically from MES system
  • Generate charts automatically with real-time data feed
  • Monitor team’s tasks and their progress
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Paperless as BPM class tool orchestrating activities



Standardize, automate, and digitize business processes. Map customer activities directly into process models, integrating with other systems and services as needed, and collect and connect business data through process flows. Designed in Process Modeler.

paperless icons forms 1


Describe the actions available and the consequences of activities in different contexts, such as handling operations in MES system, taking data from devices or human system mediation. Designed in Forms Builder.



Comprehensive set of digital tools to help model dynamic and complex scenarios that respond to business needs (decision tables, formulas, loops).

paperless-icons-process reports

Process Reports

Reporting of activities performed by specific users within defined processes (audit trial)

paperless-icons-output reports

Output Reports

Set of business reports (batch reports) based on data collected during processes (e.g. EBR, quality data)

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