We ensure customer satisfaction.
It's a priority.

‘Just wanted to say thank you for the great work that you did during phase 1 installation. I wish more contractors would raise this level of professionalism.’

‘I have been with some senior members in the business yesterday and I must share that they are highly impressed with the operator visibility and solution as a whole. Well done guys!!!’

‘Thanks for the wonderful system and training.’

‘Let me start by congratulating your team on the good work that they have been doing at the factory. Very committed, hardworking and professional in their work.’




Higher Performance? YES! Let’s do this together.

We will analyze your factory from the lowest level to the ERP system.

Together we will assess where the ROI potential is the most.

It can be a reduction of waste, shortening of changeovers, removal of paperwork from operators, implementation of batch tracking, realistic planning, reduction of MTTR through ANDON, prevention of the use of improper components, reduction of energy losses, and so on.

ANT System consists of ready to implement, proven business cases that bring double-digit performance increase.

We do all installation works

We provide complete solutions including devices such as operator panels, industrial computers, edge devices, mobile terminals, barcode and RFID scanners, interactive monitors.

We connect machines to the system, installing the necessary communication modules, sensors, cameras, energy meters. We program PLCs and setup interfaces, like OPC, DB, Web Services.

We take responsibility for quality and timeliness.

We guarantee the maintenance of installed devices.

We do all installation works

We deliver
excellent software

We develop and implement the ANT Smart Factory.

Having both competencies we are able to deliver proven solutions and offer customization. It is important because each feature has an impact on factory performance and should be precisely implemented.

We work "like ants"

We work


ANT operates through 9 divisions
in the USA, Europe and Asia.

+550 implementations
35 countries
9 divisions

From pilot to the global standard. Do it.

From pilot to the global standard. Do it.

24/7 customer service

We guarantee bronze, silver and gold SLA, necessary for critical systems.