Distributed architecture

Distributed architecture

Thanks to distributed architecture of AOS, our systems are perfectly fitted to industrial environment.

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High scalability

It doesn’t matter if there is ten, hundred or thousand machines located on the shopfloor. System developed in AOS acts on unlimited number of computer devices which can be deployed in factory to ensure reliability, redundancy, autonomy and resistance for loss of network connection.

One system

In AOS we can create any kind of industrial system that acts on server and connected to it devices like: operator panels, field servers, communication computers, machine computers or even mobile barcode terminals or smartphones.
The system is unified, consistent, easy in maintenance and open for future development.

Ready for industrial network architecture

Shopfloor network, called production or technological network, is separated from office network. In many cases the groups of machines or entire production lines have also separated subnetworks. In such environment distributed architecture is very useful and enables to build consistent system.

System works autonomously when temporary disconnected

To ensure resistance for loss of network connection, and to guarantee system stability in critical application, distributed computers with AOS-Gateway software are designed for autonomous operating. They can buffer gathered data and send them to server when connection is resumed again.

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