ANT AOS Automation Operating System

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The key to the success of ANT is that we began from development of our own platform ANT-AOS in which we are now implementing our systems.
ANT-AOS (Automation Operating System) is an open, distributed and cross-platform software environment, that gives our software engineers unlimited possibilities to implement dedicated systems from ready modules and templates.

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Each of our 350+ systems were implemented in ANT-AOS (or ANT Studio – the previous version) which makes them very standardized, scalable, easy to maintain and, what is the most important in real-time industrial solutions, they are very extremely stable and reliable.
This means that each new implementation is running in a system that was tested in 350+ previous implementations.

Dedicatedsolutions RealTime Production Data Flow RealTime Production Data Flow Industrial loT Solutions office Existing production assets PLC Sensors/Transmitters HDMI/SCADA Operator Panels Mobile terminals Energy Meters Industrial network ANT AOS: Automation Operating SystemOur software platform on which base all ANT dedicated systems Other Corporate Software Corporate ERP Systems:SAP/Microsoft Dynamics/Oracle/Infor/Exact... Corporate MES Systems:SAP/Microsoft Dynamics/Oracle/Infor/Exact...

Fast start and continuous improvement

Using AOS we can easily adjust number of engineers dedicated to project to keep the timeline that was agreed with client. Having ready templates of solutions, we can reuse them to minimalize the time to 2-3 months to launch a deeply customized system.
The important thing about AOS is that we never stop developing it. There is always room for improvement and so in order to maintain our position of top system provider we constantly look for possibility to make it even better than it is now.

Access for the client

Our customers always have access to the bottom part of the system – the AOS Management Studio. In browser interface the authorized administrators are able to view or even to modify the system configuration. This helps local staff to maintain the system and to solve most of basic problems before engagement of ANT’s helpdesk service is necessary.

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